Download the October Newsletter here : IAC Newsletter 1 – Juma.pdf

Date : 27th October 2020


As salam alaykum


Dear Brothers and Sisters


I hope this letter finds you in the best of health and Imaan.


As you are all aware our centre has been closed for quite some time due to the global Covid-19 pandemic. This virus has caused major damage around the world and has changed the way we view the world and our place within it forever.


It is because of this we have been reluctant to re-open the centre. It is however with great pleasure that we are in the position to re-open our centre and continue with our mission of ensuring the message of Muhammad o Ale Muhammad continues to thrive within our community and beyond.


At this stage, the centre will re-open for Friday (Juma) prayers ONLY from Friday 30th October 2020, insha’Allah.


However, there will come at some inconveniences for all of us to enable us to open. We need to make sure we follow ALL government guidelines at ALL TIMES. 


A Covid-19 risk assessment has been carried out and some clear risks have been identified. 


We as a family, will have to take some clear and stringent measures to ensure we keep everyone safe. The preservation of life and health must be our most important goal. 


Below I have noted the key messages that we ALL must adhere to at ALL TIMES:

  1. Anyone coming to the center must ensure they do not show any symptoms. 
  2. No Child Under 9 years of age will be permitted in the center.
  3. Due to our ethnicity it is deemed we are statistically more at risk than others, in light of this we have agreed the maximum age limit for any visitors will be 65. This is to ensure the most venerable in our community are safe guarded.
  4. Everyone will have their temperature taken on arrival, if above 38oC and deemed  necessary, entry could be refused.
  5. 1 member from each family group that attends will need to provide some basic details in order for us to contact you if there is an outbreak of Covid-19 within our centre.
  6. Wudu must be done at home – in extreme case’s contact the leader on the day to discuss.
  7. All toilets are closed until further notice -in extreme case contact the leader on the day to discuss. 
  8. Prayer mat and Turbah must be bought from home.
  9. All items such as Alam Mubarak, books and Tasbee etc.. have been removed.
  10. Everyone must remain +1 meter apart at all times. 
  11. We will to begin with limiting  the amount of people in the centre at any one time. This will be set at 20 ( for Juma )
  12. Shoe racks can be used.
  13. The prayer hall has been marked out to ensure safe distance controls are met 
  14. Mask MUST be worn at all times. 
  15. There MUST not be ANY physical contact including hand-shakes , hug’s etc.
  16. Once the program is over all must leave the center in an orderly manner – this will be managed by the organiser of the event or senior trustees on site.
  17. All MUST stay in their position until asked to.


I know these will be testing times, but we all MUST do these things to ensure the safety of all.


As we progress within the framework of government advice, we will look to increase capacity of all events.


Please note for the safety of all, anyone who disregards these rule will be asked to leave and may be banned from future events.


As we are limited to 20 individuals for Juma prayers at this stage (always reviewing), individuals must pre-register via texting 07801 558540.

The text must include name and number of individuals attending. This will ensure control and avoid disappointment.


Key Points:

  • Pre-register prior to Juma
  • Do Wudu at home
  • Wear mask always inside centre
  • Obey all rules 1 to 17 (as above)
  • Bring your own prayer mat and turbah (sajdagah)
  • Always keep social distancing and keep everyone safe


Over the coming weeks the will be updated with pre-registration functionality. All details will be included in the next newsletter.


We are all followers and believers in our beloved Imams (as) We must all play our part to ensure we continue to ensure our centre success.


Thank you all for patience and cooperation

Imam Ali (a.s.) Centre High Wycombe Trustees