Salam Alaykum brothers and sisters

The first fast of the Month of Ramathan is Saturday 25 of April 2020.

I pray that the community members are well and safe.

I confirm that tonight (Thursday 23rd April) is the 30th night of Sha’ban. Hence, the first day of the Month of Ramadhan will be on Saturday 25th April. This is in accordance to the edict of Ayatullah al-Uzma Sayyid al-Sistani (may Allah protect him).

I pray that we have the tawfeeq from Allah s.w.t. to take the blessed and merciful opportunities that He is showering over us in this holiest of months, and the He accepts our fasts, good deeds and acts of worship throughout this sacred month. May this month be truly Mubarak for us and our communities and believers throughout the world.

This month has come amidst great challenges, such challenges that we may never have imagined. Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 epidemic, we will not be able to have the usual programs every day at the Imam Ali (a.s.) Centre, reciting the Quran together, having religious discussions together and having the Iftar meals together. However, this has also opened up other opportunities: to replicate that at home, recite the Quran together at home, have Iftar with the family, read the du’as with the family.

However, I will be daily on the Centre’s Facebook page for live and interactive sessions, focused on endeavouring to understand the heart of the Quran, Surah Yaseen. We will also commemorate the Ahl al-Bayt (a.s.) on their occasions of joy and on their occasions of grief during the Month.

For now, in the final few hours of the month of Sha’ban, until the setting of the Sun on Friday, let’s take the advice of the 8th Imam, Ali ibn Musa al-Ridha (a.s.).

Abdus-Salam ibn Salih al-Harawi, otherwise known as Abus-Salt, narrated:
I visited Imam al-Ridha [a] on the final Friday of Sha’ban and he said to me, “Oh Abas-Salt, most of Sha’ban has gone by, and this is its final Friday, so make amends for the shortcomings of what has passed in what remains of it. You must move ahead to do what is relevant to you and leave aside what is not relevant to you.
Supplicate and seek forgiveness and recite the Qur’an and repent to Allah from the sins in abundance, so that the month of Allah comes to you in the state that you are sincere for Allah Almighty.
Do not leave an amanat on your shoulders (that is requested to be returned) but that it is returned, nor any hate or resentment of any believer but that you have removed it, nor any sin you have committed but that you have uprooted it.
Have taqwa of Allah, trust in Him in your secret affairs as well as your open affairs.
“Whoever has tawakkul on Allah, then He suffices him. Indeed Allah will accomplish His purpose. Allah has certainly set everything a decreed extent.” (Quran 65:3)
And in what remains of the month, say the following abundantly:
“Oh Allah, if you haven’t forgiven us in the days of Sha’ban that have passed, then forgive us during what remain of it.”
For Allah (s.w.t.) emancipates during this month his slaves from the Fire by the sanctity of the month of Ramadhan.
(Shaykh al-Sudduq, Uyun Akhbar al-Ridha (a.s.))